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is a contemporary re-interpretation of the standardized layout of the typical Dutch

row-house. Introduced to counter the post-war shortage in generic family dwellings, six out of ten households still inhabit such a row-house in spite of changing lifestyle and the demise of the traditional family as an absolute.

The project proposes a principle, a tool for intervention, that enables residents individual, spatial exploration of the freedom and dynamics intrinsic to the row-house when considered as an empty hull open for re-interpretation.

By means of a grid that is used as a design tool as

well as a suggestion of internal space, the resident can install specifically designed elements, made to the measure of human scale, and customize the floor-plan.

By looking more carefully at the individual households and the space each of them needs, the principle can additionally create the opportunity to break through one's own walls and see the entire row in which the row-house is placed as one whole space that is mutually divisible. This inserted flexibility questions standardization and demonstrates the potential as well as the lasting relevance of this omnipresent residential typology by redirecting the focus on the individual and his/her personal needs and desires.